the future of coworking for marketers.




We're a cowork space for marketers and supporting industries that also operates as a collective agency (The wheelhouse group).

So, whether you’re a web developer, photographer, videographer, branding agency, designer, copywriter, data analyst, social/digital agency, etc… we’d like to invite you to join our team.



Because we share a lot more than just work space. We actively seek to understand your business (and, more importantly, the parts of it that you enjoy) so we can accurately place pieces of our projects into your capable hands. We have feet on the street – pursuing opportunities that involve various combinations of in-house expertise. 

Here's an example of how that might work: 


At our core, we're a group of like-minded, creative individuals sharing ideas, building off one another and growing our companies as a single community - owning our portions of joint projects, and benefiting from shared project management and strategic guidance. Most importantly, we like to have fun doing it in a casual, friendly environment. So whether you're a small business searching for affordable office space, an entrepreneur in need of collaboration, a freelancer looking to supplement your new business pipeline or simply a place that encourages growth and productivity - we invite you to be part of our Wheelhouse.

Looking to...


From bouncing ideas to sharing business opportunities, working together is a win-win.


Expand your client base and enhance your offerings as you build lasting relationships.


Need a designer? How about a strategist? You'll have access to an arsenal of talented people.


We provide an in-house sales team focused on bringing in new business.


Our space

We cowork in the same building as Swamp Rabbit Crossfit and Soul Yoga, located less than 1 mile from the middle of downtown Greenville and approximately 3 feet from the Swamp Rabbit Trail. We’re at the heart of the newly planned Greenville City Park and The Commons, which will host a variety of popular attractions - including 2nd locations for Due South Coffee and The Community Tap.  

Everyone that coworks with us is refreshingly different. Different backgrounds, different personalities and different talents. We like to think of our space as an eclectic representation of its inhabitants.

Fun Fact: Right outside our building served as a gathering place for locals to pay their respects for Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s body as it passed through the city.  



Need a change of scenery to get your creative juices flowing? How about a space for your team of 3 to have a quick chat? From the 2,000 square-foot covered patio to our loft overlooking the Wheelhouse floor and communal seating areas, our numerous community spaces are available to you.




With 5 different meeting spaces, able to accommodate up to 10 people, our fully-integrated conference rooms allow for easy video conferencing, client meetings and conference calls. The best part? All full-time coworkers have unlimited meeting space hours per month. All you have to do is reserve it. 




Ranging from individual desks to cubicles to common tabletop stations, you can have your very own personal space to call home. We encourage you to bring pictures of your family, or a miniature zen garden – anything you need to make your personal space ... yours.

The one thing we don't have is private offices. We kind of feel like if we're a "cowork space" you should actually work together. It's not for everyone, we know. But it's us.


What does a membership look like?

All members have free access to parking, internet, printers and discounts to Soul Yoga and Swamp Rabbit CrossFit. 

  • Full time members also have 24/7 access to the space and free use of conference rooms. Full time memberships start at $350/mo
  • Part time members have access to any available work space and community areas between 8 and 5, up to 20 hours per week.  Part time memberships are as low as $140/mo
  • If you just need a place to land for the day, you can purchase a day pass for $25/day or a 10-day punch card for $200. 

All full time and part time members have the option to be part of The Wheelhouse Group, our collaborative marketing agency. If you're satisfied with your pipeline and just want a fun and creative space to work and collaborate, we welcome you as well. 

Who we are



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