Goodbye & Hello

As we say our final goodbyes to 2017 and welcome in a new year, we asked some of our coworkers for a quick review of successes they had in 2017 and the plans they have in store for 2018. Here's what they had to say:

Holly Vanderwal
Cloud Nine Marketing

My mantra for 2017 was Create. I founded Cloud Nine Marketing, LLC in January and set a financial deadline of one year to see if freelancing was a viable way to earn a living. If not, I’d look for full-time employment elsewhere. With that timeline in mind, 2017 was a mad rush to legally establish the LLC, create a website, network, set up a home office, rent a coworking space, find clients and make them happy. Every process, form and goal was part of creating a new work style for myself, and with a bit of luck and a lot of hard work, it paid off!

2018’s intention is Build. With a full year under the LLC’s belt, I still need to be present in the day-to-day, but the focus is no longer solely on staying afloat and making ends meet. Now I put my organizational and planning skills to work and start thinking about the next three years. I will build processes that will set me up for short-term and future success. With that in mind, in 2018 my three goals are:

•  Hire a professional to redesign my website and improve its lead-generation functionality.
•  Strengthen my brand identity by writing out and documenting specific brand guidelines.
•  Stay consistent and continue writing articles for my blog that clients and potentials would find helpful and even entertaining!

David Kabrin

•  Found a home for Greenville360 at The Wheelhouse
•  Headshot taken for Greenville360

•  Collaborate with more businesses in The Wheelhouse
•  Help and lead Greenville360’s spring intern
•  Take a class at Swamp Rabbit Crossfit (one of The Wheelhouse’s neighbors)

 University Relations Dept
Clemson University

University Relations exists to protect and enhance the Clemson brand by effectively sharing what we know and love about the University with the world.

We started a process to develop a strategic plan that would bring together our team and campus stakeholders under a shared set of goals and strategies. The guiding principles for our work is straightforward and aligned with Clemson’s larger strategic goals. 

Our plan has five sets of core strategies and goals, which will guide our work and the evolution of our organization over the next few years. These goals include:

•  Build the right team and culture
•  Define and develop the Clemson brand and manage our reputation
•  Build Clemson’s national academic reputation
•  Recruit and retain top students
•  Engage the University’s alumni, faculty, staff, friends and funders 

Some highlights of major projects we will be working on in 2018 include:

•  Conduct new brand research to make sure we are clearly and accurately articulating Clemson’s brand across all media
•  Begin the process of a major redesign of
•  Support Clemson’s strategic enrollment plan through marketing and communications

Nathan Brown
Kiona Technologies

•  We successfully wrapped up a three-year management consulting engagement with Sodexo, the world's fourth largest privately owned company.
•  We rolled out an interactive educational reporting system for the Gates Foundation and the RAND Corporation which will be used to improve how education is managed throughout the United States. This system helped compel the Gates Foundation to increase funding for their education initiatives by $4 billion/year.
•  We initiated a workplace safety initiative for Carnival Cruise Line to use safety observations to help drive down needless injuries in the workplace. Once it's fully rolled out, this initiative could prevent thousands of injuries and save millions of dollars.

Amanda Donahue
Swamp Rabbit Crossfit
Soul Yoga

•  Started to work for SRCF and Soul June 2017
•  Doubled memberships since starting
•  Built business relationships outside of the studio
•  Starting marketing campaign for SRCF
•  Beefed up marketing at Soul
•  Helped plan and create Soul's first in-house teacher training.

•  Planning more teacher trainings
•  Working on getting our names all over Greenville!
•  Get to 300 members (currently at 200)

Rebecca Cale
The Wheelhouse Group
The Wheelhouse Cowork

•  Added coworkers that further expand our offering as a marketing agency and have proven to be outstanding resources to us
•  Brought on 10 new full-service agency clients that we’ve been able to collaboratively execute campaigns with the help our Cowork team
•  Increased Cowork’s name recognition throughout Greenville

•  Continue to add coworkers to our arsenal of talent. More specifically, we’d love more web developers (front end & back end), so tell your coder friends!
•  Become known as a leader in key industries utilizing our unique marketing approach
•  Launch cutting edge direct marketing product that will set a new standard for prospecting